Metal Band Name Generator for the iPod/iPhone

Every metal band player knows the problem. You've got great songs, but can't think of a decent name for your band. From now on that problem no longer exists with the "Metal Band Name Generator" for the iPod/iPhone.

Just push the "Generate" button to generate your band name. If you like one part of the name, simply lock that part and spin until you find your complete metal band name!

More on the soft side of the metal? Well, include some non-evil words.

Get the Metal Band Name Generator here!


The Metal Band Name Generator for the iPod/iPhone is based on the Metal Band Name Generator of b10m. As that piece of software is licensed under the GPL license, I will also publish the source code for my port. So, if you want it, here it is. Please follow the GPL license terms too.

If you need any help, bugreports or have feature requests you can reach me on Twitter.


2010-08-18 version 1.0 uploaded to Apple. Mainly layout changes.
2010-03-04 version 0.2 got accepted. Some layout changes and extra names!
2009-10-20 version 0.1 got accepted. Get it here!
2009-10-10 Submitted version 0.1 (after trying to get the keys for signing the app right from the 8th..)

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